Breeding Evan Redstone

Evan sucks Jay and Anthony's dicks until they're rock hard and ready to breed some ass! Soon Anthony's fucking the holy fuck out of Evan's tight ass. Anthony is getting rode by Evan's hot ass. Jay belts out, I'm gonna cum! Jay shoots his load onto Anthony's cock as he's still fucking Evan thus Anthony is using more lube - Jay's cum as lube. Anthony dumps his load into Evan's ass.

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February 15 2012

Breeding Juan Devon

Paris, Shane Frost, and Justin Holsinger take turns fucking hot Latin bareback cutie, Juan, before lining up in a HOT 4-way train fuck... Juan, Jason, Justin, Paris, and Shane Frost. Everyone's fucking everyone but only one bottom gets the loads in and on his ass... These studs fuck like seasoned pros and end up giving their loads to cum hungry jizz dump Juan.

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February 10 2012

Bareback Cum Dump Sluts

This video was actually an accident... A good accident though. We were throwing a sex party, bareback breeding of course. It was yet a competition to see who'd take the most loads. These pigs get oinky when they heat things up by dumping their loads in asses, down throats, and creaming every hole they can without a nasty ass rubber in sight. A true pig's breeding adventure.

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February 5 2012

Breed My Faggot Bitch

Thomas busts in, pins this pig bottom down, takes his ass hard; he fucks this dick hungered bottom. Soon, both Thomas and Matt takes turns on their bitch. Matt orders Thomas to breed this faggot only for only his pleasure of getting off. Soon after Matt uses Thomas's load as lube and dumps his load. Once they unload, they head out leaving this bottom still dick hungry.

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February 1 2012

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